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Does Your Lifestyle Support A Long And Healthy Life?

Living a long and healthy life is the ultimate goal, but have you considered if your lifestyle and daily habits support that goal? There are many factors that affect longevity and optimal health, but a few that are of more significance. If you are searching for ways to improve the quality of the life you live, as well as the amount of time you have to enjoy with your loved ones - consider the key factors below.

Do You Exercise Regularly? Somewhere along the way the concept of exercising became a chore, but as our lives (and particularly our desk jobs) become more and more sedentary—exercise is more important now than ever. Even if you are at a healthy body weight, you still require physical fitness. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous to be effective, and can be as simple as taking a 30-minute brisk walk 4 or 5 days a week. This will elevate your heartrate, increase your mood boosting hormones, improve the quality of your sleep, and help to balance your body from the inside out.

How Are Your Stress Levels? What’s the point of living a long life, if your life is little more than a response to the multiple stress factors in your life? Stress pumps your body with aging and immunity compromising cortisol. The first thing you must do is prioritize your life, relationships, and time. When you do more of what you enjoy, all areas of your life are less stressful. Stress will always be present to some extent, so you must also manage your response to stress—and infuse more stress-relieving healthy habits in your life. This includes getting adequate rest, scheduling more activities you enjoy, yoga, meditation, exercise, time off, socializing, and massage.

Do You Invest Enough Quality Time With Family And Friends? Our family, friends, and even our beloved pets are what make life worth living. Between work, and your kid’s extracurricular activities - it can be challenging to squeeze in quality time with friends and family. This goes beyond shuttling your kids to and from their daily activities, or having dinner with your other half - while texting and answering emails the entire time. Instead, sit down for dinner, without your smartphone. Head out for a walk, play a game together, go see a movie, meet for coffee, or balance your workday by scheduling a lunch with friends. Just an extra hour or two a week of quality time with the ones you love makes you feel good - and has long-term health benefits.

How Much Alcohol Do You Consume? Do you enjoy a cocktail while cooking, after work while entertaining clients, or sip a few glasses of wine after a long day at the office? While you might not need your daily drinks, and may never drink to intoxication - you could be drinking more than is reasonable for optimal health. Yes, there are some benefits of drinking red wine, but you can achieve those same benefits eating a well-balanced, antioxidant-rich diet.

There is a clear correlation between your lifestyle choices and lifespan. If you are ready to approach your health with intention, head over to my Longevity Calculator to determine your areas of opportunity—or to confirm what you are already doing well.

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